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Moby Trips

Launched a new app for Moby, Systems inc. called Moby Trips (download from the iTunes Store). This app builds upon Simple Location Sharing by adding features such as waypoints (pins), photos, and recording your path via GPS. The app uses the same, flexible, nodejs backend which powers Simple Location Sharing. I’m continuing to work on this app in my free time, so any feature suggestions are welcome!

Two interesting challenges I ran into were the manor in which iOS’s Asset Library class handles deleted files, and keeping the server and iOS client synchronized throughout areas of patchy cell service. Next time I may try to use Meteor’s Open DDP protocol to overcome this challenge, as REST wrangling became much more trouble than expected.

Future improvements include synchronization of the data across multiple devices, a more comprehensive HTML5 viewer, the ability to enable and disable live streaming, and exporting of your data to various formats such as GPX and Open Street Maps.

Moby Simple Location Sharing

Moby Simple Location Sharing is an app for iOS and Android which helps you share your live location with friends. This project contains several components, including a node.js backend, two apps, and two websites in HTML5 (the viewer app and the homepage). Try it out from Google Play or the iTunes Store!

Screenshot of the Moby Simple Location Sharing iOS app.

Screenshot of the Moby Simple Location Sharing iOS app.